Team Pictures Information

Twin Cities Smile Photography has been a long-time partner of the Tigers, and we’re happy to have them back in 2022 for our team pictures! They recently implemented an online viewing and payment website, offering new and exciting products. 

**NOTE** There will be nothing to hand in on picture day this year. 

Instead of turning in a form, your child will line up in their game-day uniform for portraits with their group, during the times listed below.  A coach or photo staff will provide each player with a piece of paper containing their photo registration information. Please ask your child to give you this paper when you pick them up on their picture day.

Once the photos are ready, the photographer will email you a link to your son/daughter’s gallery to view and purchase prints with your credit card. 

Monday, August 15th – portraits and estimated session times (note: times may change based on progress during portrait day)

5:30 – Cheer

5:45 – Flag

Tuesday, August 16th – portraits and estimated session times (note: times may change based on progress during portrait day)

5:00 – Bantam (early start)

5:30 – Junior and JV

6:00 – Varsity

Additional notes (updated 8/12/22):

  • If you are scheduled for Monday but can’t come, you can get individual photos on Tuesday (or if you are scheduled Tuesday, you can get photos on Monday)
  • Flag & Cheer have received their shirts/uniforms and should come dressed on Monday
  • Flag should wear black shorts
  • We have cheer bows (they attach with a hair tie) to pass out Monday, if your child wants to wear one, please have their hair in a ponytail, etc.
  • We will pass out tackle jerseys on Monday.  Please remember that Bantams have a 5:00pm start time on Tuesday. 

Additional information can be viewed here: Twin Cities Smile Photography steps to order